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Game News

Welcome to Beetle Order Society

Beetle Order Society is a guild for all players and all play styles residing within the UO Shard Hybrid. We support PVM, PVP, RP, and any and all mixes of those styles of play.

Currently Beetle Order Society is a small (but quickly expanding) guild, and any and all players are welcome. Also, for current members, feel free to invite your friends to the guild, or enter any of your alternate charecters that you may want in the guild.

Guild News

BOS needs a Second In Command.

descilfkin, Jul 26, 11 2:23 AM.
Due to the perils of reality (work/college) I have been able to be on less than I had hoped. As a result, I am having an open competion for all current guildmembers. The winner of the competion will be given the title of Second In Command, as well as the power to guild people, boot people, and generally run the guild whenever I am absent, which I fear may be quite often. The competion will consist of four parts.

First, a PVM challenge, where the competetors will all start at the same time, and will be charged with killing one of each: An Ancient Wyrm, A Shadow Wyrm, A Balron, An Ancient Lich, and A Serpentine Dragon. Once a player returns with the loot from each monster, as well as a screenshot of each kill they will win the PVM challenge.

Second, a PVP challenge. Competetors will gather at the Delucia dueling pits, and will duel eachother until a winner has been decided.

Third, a PK challenge. Competetors will start together but each will have to take three Blue players heads along with a screenshot showing they made the kill themselves, during the competition. First to three blue heads will win.

Finally, fourth will be a champ challenge. Competetors will be free to do this challenge any time after the start of the competion. All they have to do is bring me a skull of any champ, along with a screenshot showing themselves personally at the champ as it dies. Participantes are allowed to do this in a group with anyone they choose, except competing members.

Should no one win more than one challenge, a tie breaker will be organized, based on the winners skills and abilities.

I know, it sounds like a lot, but it'll be a blast. Plus, winner gets to be second in command of BOS! To enter, either leave a shout out on this home page, or find me in game. Entries will be excepted until next week.

Keep building for a guildhouse!

descilfkin, Jul 24, 11 12:12 AM.
Unfortunatly, the castle was a no go. However, an excellent house has been located, and its purchase price is 12 Million GP. Untill further notice, the guild will not have a guildhouse, as the old marble workshop guildhouse has been sold to a guildmate. Hopefully, that will motivate members to assist in gather gold for the guildhouse (although its not required, I only toss that out cause I've been very busy with work of late and haven't had so much time to farm gold). Thanks, and keep having fun!

Possible Guildhouse Found!

descilfkin, Jul 17, 11 2:56 AM.
Thanks to one of our guildmates, a greatly worn castle has been located. However, the guild is low on funds. We require 900k of gold to place a castle, and currently possess 150k. If all of our members would pool our funds, we should be able to afford an excellent guildhouse for the whole guild to share! Please, either AIM me or meet me in game if you wish to contibute.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

descilfkin, Jul 15, 11 2:14 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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